A Premarital Counselling Manual

Gerald Hogeterp


This little book is a premarital counselling manual which will help pastors to increase their biblical understanding of marriage and family life and give them skills to help their youth to make good choices when entering marriage. A helpful appendix is included which speaks about biblical marriage and sexuality under the themes of Creation, Fall and Redemption
“Our generation is caught up in the web of increasing denial of the place and worth of marriage and the family. Secularism’s denial of truth along with ignorance and sin means that there is a serious lack of good guidance in our society. In this excellent manual Rev. Hogeterp offers strategic biblical knowledge and skills for positive attitude change that can help save our society from its suicidal journey. The current relativist trends have battered the family. This book can help families regain hope for the God-given dignity of marriage.”
Rev. Dr Caleb S. Ahima, President of Christian Reformed Church of Nigeria, former General Secretary, TEKAN


ACTS (2013)




71 pages


978- 9789050475